Capturing all waves of life


Capturing all waves of life


Life is like the ocean. It can be calm and still, and rigid or rough, but in the end it’s always beautiful.

The most powerful tool to hold on to is photography. It helps you cherish and relive those beautiful moments. From the posed to the spontaneous.

Remembering small little details, while looking at a photograph is truly what it’s all about. Why you’d say “Hey capture this for me, take my picture, souwarayi!”

By Sarahmari

Wedding, family and baby photographer based in Antwerp

It’s my mission to capture your favorite and most precious memories for you to treasure. Capturing all waves of life, whether it’s personal, business related or an event you want to get shot. Trying to get that perfect shot, deliver you the best images with the most crisp details is what I aim for in all photography. 

With respect for the privacy of all people involved.

The story of


Souwarayi was founded in 2020 during the pandemic, along with Photography, art and digital design has always been my passion and working for myself a dream.

Coming from an amazigh background ( roots in northern Morocco) I’ve always admired our culture and language. Some things are impossible to translate without many sentences. One of which is “souwarayi”. “Take my picture”, “Imagine me”. I ‘d like to think that as a photographer I’m not only taking your picture, but along with that, I’m inventing moments, imagining everlasting memories and capturing fleeting moments; in the purest way possible.

years of experience

When we received our images it was very clear how much time, love and effort were put into her work and how important it is for Sarah to deliver the best possible results. We can only be grateful for her work and admire it!

Salima E.H.
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Get a special extra when booking

You know how photographers charge extra for certain amount of images and pictures? I always try to include an extra print, depending on the amount of time we’ve been shooting.